Diversity & Inclusion


    每个工作环境中都存在显性或隐性的偏见, they can vary widely across geographies and cultures, 它们往往是传统权力结构复杂结合的结果, categorisations of economic or ethnic class, and attitudes toward gender. 禁止任何形式的歧视是创造工作机会和职业晋升的必要框架.

    Measuring Progress

    Whether it’s within our organisation, or across our supply chain, we recognise the importance and value of diversity. Internally we have established our Inclusion, 推荐买球平台多样性和质量委员会(IDEO)帮助嵌入平等, openness and belonging. In our supply chain, 推荐几个足彩外围app正在解决区域和文化障碍,以改善农民的生计, particularly for female farmers, young people and minority groups.


    Some of our initiatives include

    • 推荐几个足彩外围app的公平就业政策涵盖了推荐几个足彩外围app所有形式的多元化运作
    • 专门的培训课程和对女农民的支持, with gender reporting by product supply chain
    • Our Supplier Code, 哪条规定第三方供应商“鼓励性别平等”, equal access and empowerment of women”.

    Initiatives Supporting Diversity, Inclusion and Equality

    Improving Every Day for Rural Women


    Untying Gender Constraints


    Empowering Women Farmers


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